Monday, October 25, 2010

Beware of dealers "defection"

Among the actual market operations, we often encounter dealer suddenly "Changing Faces" and then "vote against" such a thing, it's happened, so manufacturers often face the dilemma of an embarrassing situation: on the one hand, distributor of "defection" to break the manufacturers normal network layout and expansion plans; the other hand, dealer's "defection" and generated "cooked" market for manufacturers, "like a fishbone stuck in the throat", not only the cost of restarting the market will increase significantly, and restart the job market are often " worse ", more difficult, therefore, distributors of" betrayal ", in a sense, not" win ", but" double loss "for the manufacturers is a" silent ending ", but even a "silent pain."

Then, as the manufacturers how to plan ahead effectively prevent dealers "faithless" to "revolt" in order to prevent market "backyard fire" mean?

To solve this problem, we need to analyze the dealer to "vote against" deep-seated reasons, only the "crux" is found, we can establish an effective prevention mechanism. Overall, the dealer "defected" to the following several reasons:

1, due to lack of credibility caused by factory dealer "deserted." For example, the policy does not honor commitments, no long-term development planning, enterprises are "misappropriating" the short-term behavior and so on.

2, manufacturing firms are inconsistent ideas, the development of the scale of asymmetry, resulting in vendors, "Strange Bedfellows" and the implementation of the error, get rid of this unfortunate "marriage", the first distributor of "rest" of the factory.

3, manufacturers market failures, resulting in very transparent market operations, there is not enough profit margins, dealers for their own interests, grass is always greener, "Love" on the other manufacturers.

4, manufacturers lack of regional protection policies, the market for streaming delivery seriously, greatly damaged the vital interests of dealers, despair and disappointment, with the other distributors have chosen manufacturers to "run away" approach, to be the final determination of total and so on.

Find root causes, then, as the manufacturers how to prevent these phenomena happen?

How to prevent dealers "defection"?

Soldiers to the block, troubled water. As a manufacturer, in order to avoid the dealer's "betrayal" and "defection", and the resulting losses and impact on the need to "preventive measures", plan ahead, set up a "defense" system and "emergency fortifications" .

1, from the manufacturers themselves "cut" early warning mechanism.

As an enterprise, regardless of right or wrong dealer or not, should be bold in their search from the beginning, continuously improve and refine all aspects of work standards and systems.

A, manufacturers must establish a standard credit system, through marketing policies, rebates, promotions and other specifications and deliver timely and accurate, to win the trust of dealers;

B, to establish linkage and coordination to enhance the development of ideas, personal style through the provision of services to dealers, acting as financial advisor customers, manufacturers encourage distributors to move closer;

C, development of "Slipstream cargo management system" to prevent disturbance of the market order, protect the vital interests of dealers;

D, continue to promote new products, by increasing the profit point, etc., to maximize the "containment," dealer.

Through these means, the aim is to establish strategic partnership companies a new relationship, to prevent dealers "half-hearted", "distracted."

2, to establish high-level visits and adopt "the people" policy.

That as a manufacturer's marketing executives, to regular visits to distributors, and dealers through regular communication and exchange, not only display manufacturers, "the people", "loving" policy, also conducive to manufacturers is not easy to see the market aware of a number of phenomena, and thus "涓?鍙岄洉 "Fusion is not only a feeling, but also to facilitate insight and prevention dealer" emotional breakdown "phenomenon, and thus more conducive to quickly take steps to eliminate some of the hidden danger in the bud.

3, perfect after-sales service, passengers love the relationship clear.

With the manufacturers to service sector, regularly visit customers regularly. For example, customers re-establish 1:4:7 system, that is, one in every four, seven, classified by the dealer, to pay a return visit is different, different re-time communication system. By understanding customer needs, collect customer feedback, ease of process manufacturers in the return visit through the "clues" to discover the aspirations and needs dealers to promptly and effectively resolve conflicts manufacturers, to avoid the congestion caused by inadequate information or Dealer grudges, and finally led to the "Accumulate" and can not be overemphasized.

4, in-depth market line, control of marketing channels.

Sinking through the channels of access and effective construction norms, especially the depth of the market distribution and intensive, timely and retailers to establish and improve the second installment of the file, will channel resources to control firmly in the hands of manufacturers, to obtain market initiative, through the "Qiaoshanzhenhu" better dialogue with distributors and strategic cooperation on an equal footing.

These are the factory on how to prevent dealers as the "defection" problem, in the real market operations, there is a dealer that has to "vote against" the market situation, for this case, as the manufacturers how to do it?

Dealers "defection" how to do?

If the dealer "defection" has become a fait accompli, then adopted by manufacturers how to take certain measures to reverse the declining trend of the market to minimize the loss of it?

1, rapid response, emergency preparedness start the market.

If the dealer for various reasons, they are "change sides", then the factory at this time is most important thing is that the market should start emergency plans to carry out effective "rescue" operation. Concrete steps are:

A, urgently summoned the market leader, asked related specifically to "vote against" reason.

B, met with distributors and clearly position and attitude of the factory, and to analyze interest.

C, through consultations and talks with distributors to determine the "showdown" The result is the continued cooperation or termination of cooperation.

D, if the vendor is better cooperation before, and now to "vote against" just on impulse should be to retain; if the dealer is not the value of further cooperation, should act decisively, through appropriate to deal with the aftermath, pave the way for the re-start the market, prevent the improper handling, dealer "falsely accuse" 鑰屼娇 market caught in "paralysis."

2, lies in the development of new distributors.

If the manufacturers who have more than enough channels for resources, when the dealer "treachery" and "defection", the factory can take drastic way, the second installment of its existing business in selecting the best, "crowned" the new distributor . By increasing the personnel for new dealers, promotions, etc. to support efforts to eliminate the negative impact on the market and establish confidence in the existing distribution of new customers, as well, "recover" the market and lay a good foundation.

3, timely cooling, "opportunistic" comeback.

Where there is life there is hope. When the dealer suddenly "change sides", but by smashing price of processing products at a time when no suitable client may wish to cool the market through timely way to allow the market to digest inventory in advance, until the time of the basic completion of inventory digestion, the adoption of new products, new customers, new image, new "kill" into the market, sometimes a good and viable way.

In the real operation, restart a market price is often higher and, therefore, when the dealer suddenly "defection" 鑰屼娇 when the market stalled, as the manufacturers must be able to sum up experience and lessons in a timely manner, and can be reviewed and introspective manner, timely work out solutions, and the warning, take precautions to prevent "defections" in the market tragedy time and again.


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Friday, October 15, 2010

Delphi and mixed programming language FORTRAN

As we all know, FORTRAN stronger than numerical calculation, especially if the evaluations conducted for the complex, then the FORTRAN more incomparable advantages. FORTRAN is the only all languages will be complex data types defined as a standard language.

But the FORTRAN programming language in the visual aspect is very lacking, at least not yet launched a company with RAD features of the FORTRAN compiler integrated development environment.

Therefore, when using FORTRAN implementation of a future large-scale scientific computing, such calculations are difficult to input data into simple, easy WINDOWS results visualization applications. This is very easy with Delphi. Thus, in many cases, the use of FORTRAN and Delphi programming can be both a mixture of both advantages.

In this paper, two different methods to achieve hybrid programming. One is the direct implementation of the executable file the way, one is called Dynamic Link Library subroutines way. In the first mode, the Delphi programming in the implementation of direct implementation of the FORTRAN program file by file for data exchange;

In the second case, the first FORTRAN program compiled dynamic link library (DLL), the Delphi programming, call this a dynamic link library routines to accomplish a calculation. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

The first method of debugging a relatively simple, does not exist between the different language data type mismatch. However, under this approach, 鍦?Delphi can not achieve the effective supervision of the program is running, the same time, to file for data exchange in Caozuo not in Ye convenience, inefficient.

The second approach integrates the difference between the two proceedings, if preparation of the success of the program is running can not see traces of mixed-language programming, but particularly troublesome in this way to debug them. In general, the existing input and output more complex FORTRAN program, consider the first approach, and for relatively simple, or their own procedures for the preparation of new, can choose the second.

1. Implementation of the executable file (exe) mode

Windows provides API functions to perform the existence WinExec implementation file. The function is defined as:

UINT WinExec (LPCSTR lpCmdLine, UINT uCmdShow);

Parameters as follows:
LPCSTR lpCmdLine: contains the implementation of the command line.

The system will find application in the following areas:
鈶?application start position
鈶?the current directory location
鈶?Windows system directory
鈶?Windows directory
鈶?path set path list
UINT uCmdShow: defines how the form to start the process of constant value. Specified as follows:
SW_HIDE hide the window, to make a window active
SW_MINIMIZE minimize the window to make a window active
SW_RESTORE with the original size and location to display a window at the same time make it into the active
SW_SHOW with the current size and location to display a window at the same time make it into the active
SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED maximize the window, and its activation
SW_SHOWMINIMIZED minimize windows, and its activation
SW_SHOWMINNOACTIVE minimize a window, without changing the active window
SW_SHOWNA with the current size and location to display a window, does not change the active window
SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE with recent size and position of a window display, while not changing the active window

If Str is a record of the executable file path and file name variable, WinExec (Pchar (Str), SW_SHOWNORMAL) that in normal circumstances the implementation of the executable file.


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

CTI Capital coveted

Capital has been quietly approaching footsteps. Value-added telecom market coveted by foreign capital; international companies to expand market share in mergers and acquisitions; the completion of the initial capital accumulation, domestic manufacturers began to move towards capital market. Capital access, will open a new chapter in the development of CTI industry.

When we look back on the track when the CTI industry will find the current industry's development has entered a new level and stage, the pace of capital has been quietly coming.

Value-added telecom market coveted by foreign capital

The information came from the parties concerned that China's accession to WTO, foreign capital will be three steps in 2056 to enter China's telecom industry. The first year, foreign investment in telecom value-added services and wireless paging industry; the second year, to enter the Chinese mobile communications industry and data services; the third year, basic telecommunications services into China. Which, including call centers, e-mail, text messaging, Web conferencing, etc., value-added services will be the first to get foreign capital. Meanwhile, the value-added services to expand from the previous 9 to 17, to allow private capital to enter the field, their care and thought are two: Open the door ahead, preheat the concept.

In the past two years, many venture capital companies and potential foreign companies to enter the Chinese market began to turn their attention to China, the associated investment consulting.

Integrated international company mergers and acquisitions

Since last year, the international level, prior acquisition of Avaya Inc. specializes in customer relationship management (CRM) software development and sales of Quintus Corporation, allows Avaya to provide multi-vendor, multi-platform software solutions, and to strengthen its CRM market status. After the color is quite woes Alcatel after the acquisition of Genesys, they both will be IBM's CallPath into the joint capsule.

In addition, future network technology provider, has acquired Lucent NMS voice enhancement and echo cancellation business, the acquisition of NMS development strategy for the important part, to among the communications infrastructure, applications and services in the field of systems and platforms the main providers, particularly in the rapid development of the wireless arena.

These international "biggest names" class vendors in addition to continuing to develop new technologies and products, the all have embarked on a deeper level of capital operation, through strong cooperation, association, merger, etc. so that capital active. Different countries, different geographical markets and users of different situations, the best products, people, projects and their own brand, the combination of funds, to further build a more powerful "aircraft carrier".

Domestic firms into the capital market

If you carefully analyze some domestic capital operations carried out successfully in the footsteps of CTI equipment manufacturers, will find they have many similarities in the development track: were 89 years ago into the CTI area, and Jie Zhu nearly four years in between the industry the strong development momentum, the completion of the initial capital accumulation. However, as any business would encounter in the growth process as the bottleneck of funds, when they face the market and further expand, Xu Qiu constantly deepened, when increasing competition, how to use the hands of mature products and well-known brand, gain more support become the subject of further development and growth enterprises.

As early as the year before last, in the areas of concentrated hard CTI systems integrator for nearly a decade - Guangzhou Suntek backdoor listing on the success achieved, the development of a new injection of funds too, but also for private high-tech enterprises have gone through a period of groping road.

Since last year, many of the vendors was a breakthrough of capital operation. Last year in May, Singapore Telecommunications software company (iSoftelLTD) announced a capital injection of M & A value-added services in telecommunications programs, Beijing Linkhead company and set up soft Telecommunications (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd., foreign telecommunications companies to speed up the implementation process of localization . June, systems integration and application software developers - work together successfully listed in Hong Kong Golden Bridge, a listed company, "Puna Group Limited", a subsidiary of the company. June, dedicated to voice applications in the field of iFLYTEK company incorporated investment company Lenovo 3 million U.S. dollars of investment.

In corporate restructuring, the domestic CTI voice card vendors - the East into the company completed a stock change. Years, ride for many years in the securities market in Hangzhou Sunyard companies were restructured.

The CTI field "old company" have carried out the operation of capital, the intention is to make full use of joint-stock companies listed and the mechanisms and norms, and constantly improve the modern enterprise management level, by opening up channels for direct financing, better use of community financial resources and seize the historical opportunity for industrial development, greater market share.

CTI system development and establishment of large amounts of funds needed, which is also plagued the main reason for China's CTI industry. The CTI domestic technological progress must be introduced venture capital in technology have long-term plans. Risk investment into the Chinese market, foreign funds for domestic CTI industries injected fresh blood, will expand the market penetration in the field and the scale of development. Meanwhile, domestic CTI industry will broaden their horizons, and help domestic manufacturers to track the advanced CTI technology and management level. With the power of capital, national enterprises have the opportunity to completely dominate this market.

Than technology and equipment vendors, call center outsourcing service providers are almost always start from the foreign operation. When three or four years ago, people on the concept of outsourcing still do not quite understand, the foreign capital has begun to look for a number of ways to stretch. Some have a certain scale of existing outsourcing by foreign operators and almost all domestic product of the integration in some form.

As part of the telecommunications value-added services, call center outsourcing market has always been the capital of the special favor.

The problems of capital

At present, capital will inevitably face some problems, mainly in the following three points.

Further relaxed the policy environment

Policy factors in the capital market plays a fundamental role. Join the WTO, China's telecom market has made a preliminary open, but to achieve full liberalization will take some time. Relevant policies and regulations need to be further modified to increase and improve.

The establishment of market rules

Capital market factors will ultimately decide the operation and orientation. CTI industry in China's future market development space will undoubtedly be huge, but the market need to establish a fair and reasonable rules.


Credit guarantee of the capital market. Credit is essential for social progress, intangible capital. Market economy is not only the legal economy is credit. When our economy and the world economy, the firm's credit is particularly important. Credit is life, is also the company's largest capital.

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Who told Panda burning incense on a job?

Li Jun, see Panda burning incense on the news and had to leave Beijing, I feel very sad, he was full of excitement and desire to big capital, but as signs of a crime being shut out, really do not know that he was wrong or wrong in this society.

In fact, the media exposure from the prison to find work, he has been unable to find jobs. Which I may say has been a long time, almost has disappeared from sight, but do not know why, Which media or press for his release to pop out. The news came out, basically all the big companies have been famous, has let him find work. This is an entrepreneur and cook the very powerful, but if the venture did not succeed, look for big companies to work hard to basically go in, summoned up the courage. Not only he did not face, big companies do not face that do not want to receive ah. What big company has an employee go out, see how other employees across the company. Safety procedures developed do every day against viruses Trojans, who can not write, but not write, no need to write and not write it. Technically no advantage at all, but in interaction with others on, It looks not very good either. And there are so many media attention, the company, this is trouble, not interest. Security does not need such a reputation.

So, if no media began to expose, to drop everything, quietly looking for work, might even go in a security company. After all, the prodigal son, Jin Bu Huan, did not properly take the road, why do have to drive people out. Do so many things, what we seek, but only one stable. Or looking for work completed to further speculation, the company is also a charity, that tolerance and acceptance of company strength, such a pre-fried, which the company dare the sheep. Therefore, he then south to find work, the same as looking for work in Beijing as not optimistic.

= Shi Yin Qing Yuan 缂?there, the media are Shuangren Jian on the one hand so that he could not find work, while also giving him the same as other things: Fame, great reputation. This reputation is also to exchange interest and survival. News also have seen a television, the media want to interview, this name itself can be turned into the other great benefits.

銆??鍗宠嚜宸卞紑涓?釜灏忓畨鍏ㄥ叕鍙革紝鎴栬?灏卞崟骞诧紝缃戜笂寮?釜缃戦〉锛屽疄鍦ㄥ姙涓嶄簡璇佸氨鍒板ぇ缃戠珯寮?釜blog锛岀粰鍏徃鍜屼紒涓氱淮鎶ょ淮鎶ゆ湇鍔″畨鍏ㄤ粈涔堢殑锛屾彁渚涚偣鎶?湳鏀寔浠?箞鐨勶紝涓?釜鏈堝嚑鍗冨潡鎬昏繕鏈夌殑鍚с?涔熻冻澶熷吇娲昏嚜宸卞悆楗簡锛屽拰鍦ㄥ叕鍙告墦宸ヤ篃鍖哄埆涓嶆槸寰堝ぇ浜嗭紝杩涘埌鍏徃閲岋紝涓?埇鑱屽憳锛屼笉涔熷氨杩欎箞涓环鏍煎槢銆?br />


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heating B2B: "brokers" Biographies

Money through the winter.

Alibaba listing, Ma had made a financial reason to explain. In Ma's eyes, "on Alibaba in 2008 was a difficult year", this year, "be prepared to spend the winter."

Nevertheless, this judge did not stop venture capital on the B2B (business to bussiness) e-commerce enthusiasm. In April, from JAFCO Asia, NIFSMBC (Daiwa Securities and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation's direct investment sector) two private equity funds and three overseas listed companies, 30 million U.S. dollars, voted for a B2B e-commerce company in Guangzhou - Global Markets (Global Market). Under such a market, with capital reserves of the B2B company, is the sigh of relief?

Position "high"

Xiao Xu is the founder of a toy company, the main business is to Europe and the United States toy business to do OEM (OEM OEM). For these B2B websites, and his feeling was: Because regardless of grade, variable quality suppliers, buyers unable to distinguish. Despite the Web site for suppliers to provide certification services, and thus charge high fees, but in his view, even with "gold" of companies qualified privilege would not be too particular.


銆??浣滀负鐜悆甯傚満闆嗗洟鐨勫垱濮嬩汉鍏兼?瑁侊紝鍑岄鏃╁勾鍒涗笟鐨勬椂鍊欒瘯鍥惧垏鍏ヨ繖涓競鍦猴紝浣嗗悗鏉ヨ浆鍙橀鍚戯紝鐜悆甯傚満鐬勫噯浜嗗悇琛屼笟閲屸?楂樹环鍊奸珮鍒╂鼎鍥炴姤鈥濈殑瀹㈡埛銆傚嵆鍙仛鈥滃皬浼楀競鍦衡?銆?br />




銆??鈥滄垜鎵胯閿欒繃浜嗙粷濂界殑鏈轰細銆?999骞寸殑铻嶈祫鏈轰細鎴戞病鏈夋妸鎻′綇銆備絾鎹竴绉嶆?缁达紝璧勬簮鏈?己涔忕殑鏃跺?锛屽線寰?兘婵?姳涓?釜鍥㈤槦鐨勬綔鍔涖?鎯宠捣鏇村鐨勫垱鏂般?淇濇寔甯傚満鐨勫畾浣嶃?鈥濆湪鍑岄鐪嬫潵锛岀幆鐞冨競鍦虹殑鍒涙柊鍦ㄤ簬涓庨樋閲屽反宸寸瓑缃戠珯鐬勫噯鍏ㄩ儴涓皬浼佷笟涓嶅悓锛屸?鎴戜滑鍙叧娉ㄥぇ姒?0涓囧悕鐨勫鎴封?銆?br />

銆??渚濈収杩欐牱鐨勬?璺紝鐜悆甯傚満鍦ㄥ紑鎷撳鎴风殑鏃跺?锛屼篃鍙槸閽堝杩欎簺缇や綋鎻愪緵鏈嶅姟銆?br />
銆??鍓嶉泦瀵屼簹娲茶懀浜嬮檲闀囨椽琛ㄧず锛屽畾浣嶄簬楂樼瀹㈡埛缇わ紝涓?畾绋嬪害涓婃彁楂樹簡渚涘簲鍟嗙殑闆嗕腑搴︺?瑙e喅浜嗕笂杩版彁鍙婄殑鐢变簬渚涘簲鍟嗚繃浜庢贩鏉傚甫鏉ョ殑闂銆備絾鏄紝浠栧杩欑妯″紡浠嶇劧瀛樻湁鐤戣檻銆傚洜姝ょ寮?泦瀵屼簹娲插悗锛屼粬鍙﹀鎶曡祫浜嗕竴瀹禕2B缃戠珯銆?br />


銆??鍒嗘瀽鏈烘瀯鏁版嵁鏄剧ず锛?007骞翠腑鍥紹2B甯傚満鎬婚澧為暱51%锛屼互鏀跺叆琛¢噺锛岄樋閲屽反宸村競鍦轰唤棰濆凡鍗犳嵁74%銆?br />
銆??B2B甯傚満閲屽埌搴曡繕鏈夊灏戞兂璞$殑绌洪棿锛?br />




銆??瀵逛簬杩欎簺渚涘簲鍟嗙殑鏁伴噺锛屼粬璁や负鍦?600涓囩殑涓皬浼佷笟閲岋紝杩欑被瑙勬ā鐨勪紒涓氬ぇ姒傛湁3000涓囧銆備紛瑗垮▉濞佺殑鏀惰垂妯″紡鏄瘡鏈堟敹鍙栨湇鍔¤垂锛屼互鍙婃寜涔板璇㈢洏娆℃暟鑰屾敹鍙栫殑璐圭敤銆?br />
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銆??瀵逛簬浠呬緷闈犺嚜鏈夎祫閲戞粴鍔ㄧ殑渚嬪浼婅タ濞佸▉绛夌綉绔欙紝濡備綍寮?嫇鐩爣涓殑3000涓囧鎴蜂互鍙婄淮鎶や笌鏈嶅姟宸叉湁鐨勬敞鍐岀敤鎴凤紝浠嶇劧鍊煎緱鎬濊?銆傚洜涓哄悇B2B浼佷笟閮藉皢鎵╁ぇ鐢ㄦ埛鏁伴噺浣滀负褰撳墠棣栬浠诲姟锛岃?寮?嫇鍙婄淮鎶ゆ垚鏈篃鍦ㄩ?骞翠笂鍗囥?鈥滄垜浠湁瓒冲鐨勮祫閲戝偍澶囥?浣嗗浜庤妯℃洿灏忕殑B2B缃戠珯鏉ヨ锛屼篃璁稿氨瑕佺渷鐫?挶杩囨棩瀛愪簡銆傗?闄堟爧濡傛槸琛ㄧず銆?br />


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

What is courseware?

"Courseware (Courseware)" is actually a kind of software is in certain learning theory under the guidance of teaching objectives designed to reflect the content of certain teaching strategies and computer software. "Courseware" basic mode of practice type, and guiding, counseling type, analog type, game type, problem solving type, found in such learning. No matter what type of courseware, teaching content and teaching are two types of information processing strategy combination. Specifically, the courseware includes four aspects:

1, a variety of teaching tips to the learner information;

2, the learning process for the diagnosis, evaluation, prescription and learning to guide a variety of information and information processing;

3, in order to improve learning motivation, create motivation for reinforcement learning to stimulate the learning evaluation information;

4, used to update the study data, to achieve the teaching learning process control strategy and control the learning process.

The integrated treatment of computer text, graphics, sound, image, animation, video and other media information capability technology for teaching, change the packaging of information in the computer using the media tools to map, text, sound and image integrate educational software made to improve the performance of teaching content and affection, which is "multi-media courseware."

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

IC card reading and writing in PowerBulider

Writing-related information management systems, sometimes meet reading and writing-related issues such as external devices, such problems in achieving this kind of functionality PowerBulider is not a difficult task, the relevant external equipment vendors now offer products in basic programming interfaces are provided relevant, after use of these ActiveX controls interface functions, combined with the external function call PowerBulider, can easily achieve the relevant functions to provide read and write IC cards to achieve the following basic code in order to eliminate staff time related to programming external device to write on issues such as fear of
External function declaration:
Subroutine PostPara (long prot, strig syspara) library "lock739.dll" / / pass parameters, the main pass serial information
Function long Reset () library "lock739.dll" / / write reset
Function Boolean OpenCom () library "lock739.dll" / / Open the serial port
Subroutine CloseCom () library "lock739.dll" / / close serial port
Function long ChkCard () library "lock739.dll" / / check card is in place
Function long CmpSc (string sc) library "lock739.dll" / / check password
Function long WriteSc (string sc) library "lock739.dll" / / modify the password encryption card
Function long ReadSc (string inbuff, long sclen) library "lock739.dll" / / degree curve encryption card password
Function long RdDat (long cardtype, long start, long ilen, ref string inbuff) library "lock739.dll" / / reader information
Function long WrDat (long cardtype, long start, long ilen, ref string outbuff) library "lock739.dll" / / write card information
Instance variables:
public string sc = '272272272 '
Write Card function: wf_write (string as_arg1, long al_start, long al_len)
/ * Write the string parameter string as_arg1;
long al_start write position
long al_len write the length of the * /
long l_rtn
if opencom () = false then
messagebox ("prompt", "serial connection failed")
end if
l_rtn = chkcard ()
if l_rtn <> 0 then
wf_errormessage (l_rtn)
closecom ()
end if
l_rtn = cmpsc (sc) / / sc for the password
if l_rtn <> 0 then
wf_errormessage (l_rtn)
closecom ()
end if
l_rtn = wrdat (1, al_start, al_len, as_agr1)
if l_rtn <> 0 then
wf_errormessage (l_rtn)
closecom ()
end if
messagebox ("prompt", "write card successfully!")
Card Reader Function: wf_read (string as_arg1, long al_start, long al_len)
/ * Parameter string as_arg1 read information stored string;
long al_start reader into the starting position
the length of long al_len reader * /
long l_rtn
if opencom () = false then
messagebox ("prompt", "serial connection failed")
end if
l_rtn = chkcard ()
if l_rtn <> 0 then
wf_errormessage (l_rtn)
closecom ()
end if
l_rtn = rddat (1, al_start, al_len, as_agr1)
if l_rtn <> 0 then
wf_errormessage (l_rtn)
closecom ()
end if
messagebox ("prompt", "reader success!")
Error function: wf_errormessage (long lerror)
choose case lerror
case 1
messagebox ("prompt", "write error or password error!")
case 2
messagebox ("prompt", "card has been damaged or parameter bounds!")
case 3
messagebox ("prompt", "Please card!")
case 4
messagebox ("prompt", "communication error!")
case else
messagebox ("prompt", "Unknown error!")
end choose
Initialize the card function wf_initialcard (long al_port)
/ * Parameters: long al_port introduced readers to use the serial port * /
psotpara (al_port, "")

The above example code used by the ic card sle4442 encrypted memory card reader for the wb1000 IC card reader
Through the above code example, the communication with external devices, not a very difficult time right? !

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