Sunday, October 10, 2010

CTI Capital coveted

Capital has been quietly approaching footsteps. Value-added telecom market coveted by foreign capital; international companies to expand market share in mergers and acquisitions; the completion of the initial capital accumulation, domestic manufacturers began to move towards capital market. Capital access, will open a new chapter in the development of CTI industry.

When we look back on the track when the CTI industry will find the current industry's development has entered a new level and stage, the pace of capital has been quietly coming.

Value-added telecom market coveted by foreign capital

The information came from the parties concerned that China's accession to WTO, foreign capital will be three steps in 2056 to enter China's telecom industry. The first year, foreign investment in telecom value-added services and wireless paging industry; the second year, to enter the Chinese mobile communications industry and data services; the third year, basic telecommunications services into China. Which, including call centers, e-mail, text messaging, Web conferencing, etc., value-added services will be the first to get foreign capital. Meanwhile, the value-added services to expand from the previous 9 to 17, to allow private capital to enter the field, their care and thought are two: Open the door ahead, preheat the concept.

In the past two years, many venture capital companies and potential foreign companies to enter the Chinese market began to turn their attention to China, the associated investment consulting.

Integrated international company mergers and acquisitions

Since last year, the international level, prior acquisition of Avaya Inc. specializes in customer relationship management (CRM) software development and sales of Quintus Corporation, allows Avaya to provide multi-vendor, multi-platform software solutions, and to strengthen its CRM market status. After the color is quite woes Alcatel after the acquisition of Genesys, they both will be IBM's CallPath into the joint capsule.

In addition, future network technology provider, has acquired Lucent NMS voice enhancement and echo cancellation business, the acquisition of NMS development strategy for the important part, to among the communications infrastructure, applications and services in the field of systems and platforms the main providers, particularly in the rapid development of the wireless arena.

These international "biggest names" class vendors in addition to continuing to develop new technologies and products, the all have embarked on a deeper level of capital operation, through strong cooperation, association, merger, etc. so that capital active. Different countries, different geographical markets and users of different situations, the best products, people, projects and their own brand, the combination of funds, to further build a more powerful "aircraft carrier".

Domestic firms into the capital market

If you carefully analyze some domestic capital operations carried out successfully in the footsteps of CTI equipment manufacturers, will find they have many similarities in the development track: were 89 years ago into the CTI area, and Jie Zhu nearly four years in between the industry the strong development momentum, the completion of the initial capital accumulation. However, as any business would encounter in the growth process as the bottleneck of funds, when they face the market and further expand, Xu Qiu constantly deepened, when increasing competition, how to use the hands of mature products and well-known brand, gain more support become the subject of further development and growth enterprises.

As early as the year before last, in the areas of concentrated hard CTI systems integrator for nearly a decade - Guangzhou Suntek backdoor listing on the success achieved, the development of a new injection of funds too, but also for private high-tech enterprises have gone through a period of groping road.

Since last year, many of the vendors was a breakthrough of capital operation. Last year in May, Singapore Telecommunications software company (iSoftelLTD) announced a capital injection of M & A value-added services in telecommunications programs, Beijing Linkhead company and set up soft Telecommunications (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd., foreign telecommunications companies to speed up the implementation process of localization . June, systems integration and application software developers - work together successfully listed in Hong Kong Golden Bridge, a listed company, "Puna Group Limited", a subsidiary of the company. June, dedicated to voice applications in the field of iFLYTEK company incorporated investment company Lenovo 3 million U.S. dollars of investment.

In corporate restructuring, the domestic CTI voice card vendors - the East into the company completed a stock change. Years, ride for many years in the securities market in Hangzhou Sunyard companies were restructured.

The CTI field "old company" have carried out the operation of capital, the intention is to make full use of joint-stock companies listed and the mechanisms and norms, and constantly improve the modern enterprise management level, by opening up channels for direct financing, better use of community financial resources and seize the historical opportunity for industrial development, greater market share.

CTI system development and establishment of large amounts of funds needed, which is also plagued the main reason for China's CTI industry. The CTI domestic technological progress must be introduced venture capital in technology have long-term plans. Risk investment into the Chinese market, foreign funds for domestic CTI industries injected fresh blood, will expand the market penetration in the field and the scale of development. Meanwhile, domestic CTI industry will broaden their horizons, and help domestic manufacturers to track the advanced CTI technology and management level. With the power of capital, national enterprises have the opportunity to completely dominate this market.

Than technology and equipment vendors, call center outsourcing service providers are almost always start from the foreign operation. When three or four years ago, people on the concept of outsourcing still do not quite understand, the foreign capital has begun to look for a number of ways to stretch. Some have a certain scale of existing outsourcing by foreign operators and almost all domestic product of the integration in some form.

As part of the telecommunications value-added services, call center outsourcing market has always been the capital of the special favor.

The problems of capital

At present, capital will inevitably face some problems, mainly in the following three points.

Further relaxed the policy environment

Policy factors in the capital market plays a fundamental role. Join the WTO, China's telecom market has made a preliminary open, but to achieve full liberalization will take some time. Relevant policies and regulations need to be further modified to increase and improve.

The establishment of market rules

Capital market factors will ultimately decide the operation and orientation. CTI industry in China's future market development space will undoubtedly be huge, but the market need to establish a fair and reasonable rules.


Credit guarantee of the capital market. Credit is essential for social progress, intangible capital. Market economy is not only the legal economy is credit. When our economy and the world economy, the firm's credit is particularly important. Credit is life, is also the company's largest capital.

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